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SwimEars Ørepropper er de bedste på markedet. Beskytter dine ører uden at påvirke din hørelse eller din balance, således at du bibeholder din orientering. Især vigtigt, når du svømmer i åbent vand. Tilbringer du mange timer i bassinet, er SwimEars de rette ørepropper til dig. Du mærker dem slet ikke!



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With SwimEars® you can easily hold a normal conversation and hear what’s going on around you without feeling isolated. Blocking out water, cold air, dirt and bacteria, SwimEars® help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer’s ear) and bone growth in the ear canal (surfer’s ear).


SwimEars® let so much sound through it’s easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection! Cleverly designed with changeable parts, SwimEars® allow you to customize the plugs to fit perfectly in your ears, providing great seal and comfort. The unique fixation wings keeps the plugs in place even during extreme activities. SwimEars® comes with an optional leash and neat storage case, so you never have to worry about losing them. Measuring close to zero acoustic loss, SwimEars® are by far the most translucent plugs on the market.


One set of SwimEars® contains:


  • One pair of SwimEars®, size medium with a leash
  • Two sealing gels, size small
  • Two sealing gels, size large
  • Two support wings, size small
  • An awesome storage case


SwimEars Ørepropper

kr 399,00Pris